Bra Series: Recap

Kyra Crandol

Posted on April 01 2020


You invest in yourself when purchasing a quality bra! There is a difference in how a $20 bra and a $50 will look and hold up.  They may not look different side by side however, a quality bra will feel and fit differently the second you try it on.  It will give you support and hold its appearance over time.

Hopefully you enjoyed and learned something from the bra fitting blog series. If you missed any of the content, here is a recap of what I covered; Kyra’s bra fitting experience with me, an Introduction to who I am, Bra Sizing and How Often You Should Get Fitted, All “Nudes” Are Not Created Equally, Wearing the Wrong Band Size, How Many Bras You Should Own and Why, How To Take Care of Your Bra, Bra Types For Certain Looks.

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