Bra Series: Wearing The Wrong Band Size

Kyra Crandol

Posted on December 01 2019

Correct band size is vital!  It is what supports you.  When your band is the wrong size your bra can not support you properly.  The bottom edge of your bra should sit level and straight all the way around your body. If the band is too loose, it will hike up in the back and the cups will fall.  This causes your breasts to sag.  If your band is too tight, it can cut into the skin and create painful, unflattering lines. A band that is too tight can also create bulges on your back and sides. Just because a bra’s tag says it is a certain size doesn’t mean it’s a perfect fit.  Buying a bra is just like buying shoes—try a variety of sizes and styles to gauge fit, look, and feel.

After being fitted for a bra, if you realize that none of your bras fit, it’s best that you donate them if they are gently used. Bras are the most needed yet least donated item of clothing for women. Support women in need by giving bras to boutiques or women’s organizations that shelter women.

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