How to Build a Wardrobe: Defining your Style Type

Kyra Crandol

Posted on April 01 2019

Without really taking the time out to define your style type, your wardrobe can easily be “all over the place.” In order to help you define your style type, think about a celebrity, a public figure, or even someone that you personally know whose style that you admire. Also, think about exactly what it is that you love about their style. Do you love it because of its simplicity? Maybe it’s more of a mature look that you are going for? It could even be the boldness of the person’s style that you really admire.

When thinking about your style goals, it’s important to be realistic. Maybe Oliva Pope from Scandal is “style goals” for you. If you’re a stay at home mom or you have a 9-5 where you wear the same uniform every day, you may not want to invest in an entire wardrobe that is similar to Olivia’s. Maybe you have events that you attend where you get to dress in your Olivia inspired looks. If this is the case, when you revamp your wardrobe perhaps 10% of it should be inspired by Olivia while 50% of it caters to where you spend the majority of your time.

Outside of looking at celebrities, Pinterest is a good place to find style inspiration as well. You could also come up with a few words that help you to define your style type.

I have created an eBook that will help you to find your style type. Also, here is a sneak peek of the worksheet, I have filled it out based on my very own personal wardrobe needs. Sign up using your email to receive a free copy of the eBook below! Be sure to share this post with any friends that you know are in need of revamping their wardrobe.


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