My Very First ACCURATE Bra Fitting

Kyra Crandol

Posted on August 01 2019

I can honestly say that after trying on a bra that was my true size, my life was completely changed. Throughout life I have always been told that I wore a 32 DD, almost every time that I was measured I would be told “you have a small back”. Due to my size being consistent across the board, not once did it cross my mind that I did not wear a 32 DD. I trusted the sources because when I got measured it would be at Macy’s, JC Penney, Victoria Secret, and even Soma which I considered reputable. Growing up I was never taught how a bra should fit correctly. I just always went off what I was told when being measured.

A few months ago Mrs. Debra Bates of Meme’s Foundation’s came to my church and gave a presentation on how bras should fit appropriately. I can honestly say that at first I was not that interested although the more that she spoke, the more I became engaged. During the presentation I was able to be measured so that she could show the other women the difference between a correct fitting bra (one that she gave me to try on) versus an ill-fitting bra (the bra that I was wearing that day).

When I tried on the bra that was my correct size I could immediately feel the difference! I was honestly in awe. After the event I made an appointment with Mrs. Deb so that she could do a more extensive fitting as well as get suggestions on additional bras that would work for me. After the fitting I discovered that my true bra size is a 28 G. Throughout all of my years I’d never even heard of a size 28!

I got the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Deb and she shared a few tips with me that I can’t wait to share with you all!

For those of you that are looking to be fitted, Mrs. Deb’s shop is located at 2727 Ridgemoor Ave SE, Kentwood, MI, 49512. The best part is that unlike most, Mrs. Deb’s fittings are free! You can schedule an appointment on her website www.memesfoundations.com to be fitted. Tell her that I sent you and receive 10% off your undergarment purchase!

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