The Four Pile Closet Purge Strategy

Kyra Crandol

Posted on July 12 2019

Cleaning out your closet can sometimes be tricky or even exhausting. I have come up with four simple steps that will help you through the process! Check them out below.

1. I love this item (put back in closet)

2. This item is okay but I don’t love it (store it in a box)

3. This item no longer fits my style (donate)

4. This item is damaged (trash)

After going through everything in your closet, after an entire month, whatever you don’t take out of the box (from step two) can be donated. You didn’t miss it. The trick is not to open the box before you take it to donate it. It’s important that you are honest with yourself while working though the steps.

When was the last time you purged your closet? I recommend that you do it one to two times a year. Especially if you feel that you have a closet full of items  but you never have anything to wear.

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